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Methandrostenolone or dianabol is a steroid medication. Itis a C17 alpha alkylated steroid, used orally. Its main function is to increasethe level of proteins and therefore affect the testosterone level in the same way.Doctors agree that dianabol positive effects are the buildup of the muscle massand nitrogen balance. If used in low amounts, under the supervision of doctors, andcombined with proper amount of exercise, dianabol is believed not to havenegative consequences for the body.

To prevent potential negative effects, patients usingdianabol are advised to drink a lot of water (2 to 3l), and regularly visit theirdoctors and control their condition. Athletes are recommended to try somemilder anabolic drug first, in order to see how their body reacts to these drugs,and after that experience to switch to dianabol.

Dianabol has both anabolic and androgenic effects to thehuman organism, and what effects you will experience depend on your organism,since the effects are individual. However, people using this oral steroid canbe faced with heart, liver and some other health problems.

Heart and Liver Problems Associated with Dianabol

People using dianabol usually noticeably increase their bodyweight and metabolism, which could affect their heart as well. Increased pressureand heart beat rate have proven to be problematic for some patients, leading tosome other heart-related issues. Dianabol is also recorded to increase thelevel of cholesterol in the blood, also causing some negative effects for the humanheart.

Dianabol is hepatotoxic medication, which means that it canaffect the functioning of the liver. All steroids alkylated in the C17 alpha positionhave been established as hard to deactivate in the liver. Large amounts ofdianabol may cause damage to the liver or even provoke some liver cancers.

Male Reproductive System

Testosterone in the body gets converted to estrogen, and becauseof that fact people using dianabol may experience tiredness, raise of body fator loss of muscle tone. There are even more problems for men using dianabol,since this steroid is also connected to gynecomastia (abnormal development oflarge breasts in men), enlarged prostate and different sexual problems, such asloss of sexual function and libido.

Other Dianabol Side Effects

This oral steroid has been reported to provoke hair growth, andsome skin and even psychological problems.

When you start using dianabol, you might experience increasedgrowth of the hair on your face and body, or pimples and acne on your face,neck, chest or shoulders. Patients on this medication can feel different thanthey used to, showing some extreme enthusiasm, which can be beneficial for theathletes to train even more. However, people using dianabol are often found tobe very loud and aggressive outside the sport and in the public.

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