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Does bodybuilding come with a price? What are the so-called sideeffects of using the chemistry to reach the limit when it comes to the physicalaspect? Being a bodybuilder, a competitive one, means that the supplements have to beused.


Weight is needed for activating the muscle growth process inthe organism. This can happen only if the weight is constantly increasing and only if the workout is intensive and hard. A theory says thatfast workout without time for the muscles to rest between the sets and exerciseswill create the best bulking effect. Of course, there are other theories thatsay that resting the muscles a bit between the exercises is productive and enables abodybuilder to workout more. Whatever the case, it is for certain that ourbodies have a mass limit that is nearly impossible to breach with only the useof additional weight.


Supplements help the muscles go beyond the limits. Those aremuscle mass gainers, which are commonly used today. Few decades ago, whenbodybuilding was not as popular as today, the use of supplements, especially anabolicsteroids was considered very harmful, almost a taboo. Things are definitelydifferent today and besides mass gainers, the supplements usually used are fatburners, energy sources (substances with ATP molecules), supplements thatenhance testosterone secretion, amino acids, vitamin cocktails (which are veryimportant), and some other.

As for anabolic side effects in men, it is obvious that thestories of danger that those supplements might induce are simply not true. Forexample, when taking these steroids, a body tends to decrease the naturalsecretion of the same steroids. This is normal to expect, because the organismconstantly seeks balance, and if there are anabolic steroids already present,there is no need to produce them even more. As for the liver, it is normal for liver enzymesto be elevated when something passes through this organ, since filtering all sorts ofsubstances is the main role of liver. There have been several studies thatshowed that enzyme levels reduced to normal after steroids were filtered, whichpractically happens with each other substance. The only problem that anabolicsteroids might cause is elevated LDL.

The conclusion is that, if you want to use steroids or any othersupplements, whether it is for bodybuilding or something completely different,it is always wise and recommended to consult a doctor first. That is a sure wayto feel safe when using any of those products.

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