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Many people who want to try and quit smoking sometimes turn to nicotine gum as a solution to wear themselves off the substance slowly.

However, this gum can causes some side effects that are unexpected and definitely unwanted, because the problems with fighting the urge to light up a cigarette are hard enough.

There are possible cardiovascular side effects such as an increased heart rate and blood pressure. In patients that already have some kind of coronary artery disease, the nicotine could cause coronary artery Vasoconstriction. Myocardial infarction has been associated with nicotine gum and patches as well, but in rare cases.

This condition is sometimes noticed in people who take the gum but continue to smoke as well, and results from a so-called overdose in nicotine.

There have been respiratory side effects noticed as well such as bronchospasms in patients that have already had problems with asthma. This however, is often noticed in those who use nicotine nasal sprays or inhalers. Nicotine gum can also potentially cause sore throats.

Skin conditions have also resulted, obviously, mostly from the use of the patches that are usually applied on the arm. Skin irritation is very common, but it is not seriously enough to require the patch to be removed immediately. Also, in some cases where people are chewing the gum regularly, increased sweating has been reported.

Some gastrointestinal side effects include nausea, dry mouth, dyspepsia, and diarrhea, especially when using the patch and gum.

Other gastrointestinal problems include increases cases of hiccups, flatulence and gas, an increased amount of salivation, stomatitis, problems with the teeth and a constant unpleasant taste in the mouth. Some people that use nicotine lozenges have also experienced heartburn because of that.

Lightheadedness, headache, sleep disturbances, abnormal dreams, irritability, dizziness, and tremor are common side effects of the nervous system when taking such nicotine products.

Some diabetics that get on the patch or gum develop a resistance to insulin after taking the product for a long period of time, which can have serious consequences.

In some people, problems with vision have also been reported after using the gum for an extended period of time.

People that chew a lot of nicotine gum can also often experience jaw pain that is very uncomfortable.

Increases in platelet aggregation and enhanced thrombus formation are some hematological side effects that have been recorded in people who have been on the treatment for some time.

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