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How To Use a Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gums are meant to help people who experience problems quitting smoking. Nicotine gums provide these people with a dose of nicotine, settling down their withdrawal symptoms, while, at the same time being less unhealthy than cigarettes. Even though these items are obtainable in every drugstore and you can buy them without a prescription, you should still consult with your doctor before using these gums as they may have some side-effects that can effect your current health condition. You are to chew the gum until it gets soft and a tickling sensation is experienced, then, you should stop the chewing, but keep the gum between the tongue and the gums, this way, a dosage of nicotine is delivered to your body, and wait until it is absorbed completely.

Side-effects of Nicotine Gum

Even though many claim that these gums have no side-effects, there are several which have been noticed. First of all, nicotine is addictive, moreover, it is the main substance that causes addiction to smoking. Thus, a person on nicotine gums can easily get addicted to these nicotine sources too, also, nicotine is bad for our health and the fact that you are chewing a gum instead of smoking does not help much.

Increased saliva production is to be expected, along with headaches, jaw pain, mouth sores and indigestion. Also, nausea, dizziness and vomiting may be present as side-effects. Some of the worst case scenarios may involve lightheadedness as well as swelling and itching of gums along with throat muscles constriction. Naturally, your gums and mouth will suffer the most. Thus, infections, diseases and other complications may easily take place. Finally, hair loss and heartburn may affect you as well, as long as you indulge in nicotine gums.

If you happen to experience any of the more serious symptoms for a longer period of time, stop chewing nicotine gums and seek medical assistance as soon as possible, to prevent any severe damage affecting to your health. Also, read the instructions carefully before using this cigarette substitute and be careful regarding the adequate dosage.

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