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Information on Milk Thistle

Milk thistle has been used for numerous centuries because it is very efficient when it comes to the prevention and treatment of various liver conditions such as gallbladder infections, liver inflammations, liver damage and cirrhosis. It comes from the genus of Silybum Adans which includes mostly flowering plants from the daisy family. Milk thistle can be recognized by white veins and spines on the leaves which yield a milky white liquid when crushed. The plant originates from the Middle East and the southeastern regions of Europe but is now commonly grown everywhere around the world. It can even grow in the dry and rocky regions. It is also very efficient in reducing the risk of cancer, decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and increasing the levels of good cholesterol in the blood. It is not common for a person to experience any side effects triggered by the use of milk thistle but some of them still may occur in rare cases. Headaches are commonly associated with over consumption of milk thistle. It is also known for its mild laxative properties as well. Some cases have also included abdominal bloating, upset stomach and gas. An overall feeling of weakness may also be experience by some patients. There have also been certain cases which included insomnia, fatigue and tiredness as side effects triggered by the use of milk thistle. Some other cases have include skin problems, loss of appetite, heart related problems and various other sorts of medical conditions. All of the aforementioned side effects of milk thistle are commonly mild but there may be some slightly severe side effects as well, such as itching, swollen face, swollen lips, swollen tongue or swollen throat.

List of Milk Thistle Side Effects

Milk thistle is known much more for its numerous benefits than the occasional side effects. Headaches are usually associated with heavy consumption of milk thistle. Some patients have also reported painful sensations in the joints triggered by milk thistle consumption. The consumption of milk thistle may also be associated with insomnia, tiredness, fatigue and a general feeling of weakness. Certain cases have also included problems with gas and impotency. The consumption of milk thistle may also be associated with diarrhea, breathing problems, skin rashes, swollen face, nausea, swollen tongue, digestion problems, swollen lips, heart related problems, swollen throat and a loss of appetite. One should always consume milk thistle in required quantities in order to avoid the occurrence of any side effects.

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