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Milk Thistle

This herb that comes from the Asteraceae family of daisies is also known by the names St. Mary's thistle, Silymarin, Silybum and Marian thistle. It has very quickly become one of the most used herbs in the medicine and it has been used in the past for treating many problems among which are liver problems, gallbladder problems and others. Still, when it comes to this herb, the beneficial effects can be accompanied by the some harmful, about which we will discuss in the following text.

Effects of the Milk Thistle

The first to be mentioned is the beneficial effect on the liver. Protection of the liver is something that milk thistle causes, according to some studies. The use of milk thistle can help the damaged cells by repairing them, while due to its antioxidant properties, it can eliminate the unwanted fibers, toxins and other dangerous material out of the liver. You can make a tea from this herb, and by drinking it, the toxins from the body will be removed. Another problem that can be treated by using this herb is the mushroom poisoning. Once you consume a poisonous mushroom, you have 24 hours to take milk thistle and remove the toxins administered by the mushrooms. But it is only effective if taken during this period. It will also decrease the potential damage of the liver and prevent death. It is used for curing alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and for eliminating alcohol and other toxins from the liver.

Benefits of the Milk Thistle

Problems of the bowel region like diarrhea and constipation can be solved with the use of this herb, but it is also possible to accomplish bowel movement stimulation. It will also increase the milk secretion among mothers who are lactating, prevent and treat gallbladder stones, aid the secretion of the thyroid hormones, treating diabetes and many others. Diabetes can be treated only to some extent. It regulates the bile flow and cures the gallbladder stones in the process. There are several types of cancers that can be prevented if the milk thistle is used and they are prostate, cervical and breast cancer. This happens due to the inhibiting the growth of the cancer cells and its anti-cancer abilities. Also, the milk thistle can increase the level of HDL, which is the high density lipoprotein, and decrease the bad cholesterol or LDL, which stands for low density lipoprotein. It is even more effective than some medications available today. The milk thistle can help with the adrenal gland disorders and it can be a good stress buster. It has some items like flavonoids, located in the milk thistle extract. The drug and alcohol abuse can lead to the damage of the cells, and this is something that milk thistle can heal. It can also be used in problems like viral hepatitis, fatty liver disease and other liver related problems.

Side Effects

Although they are rare, they are possible and the most common are gas problems, weakness, joint pain, fatigue, insomnia, tiredness and mild to severe headache. The milk thistle is natural remedy, but never exceed with the dosages.

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