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Information on Milk Thistle

Milk thistle was approved as a remedy for liver diseases in1986. but it has been used for the treatment of certain ailments ever since thetimes of some ancient European civilizations. It is very efficient inprotecting the liver and treating various medical conditions such as viralhepatitis, liver poisoning, cirrhosis, alcoholic fatty liver and alcoholichepatitis. It is the only known treatment option for those who suffer fromAmanita mushroom poisoning. It also protects the liver from the harmful effectsof certain types of medications as well. Silymarin which consists offlavonolignands is the active ingredient contained in milk thistle, and it isthat ingredient which is responsible for most health benefits this remedyprovides. It repairs the liver cells and prevents the toxic substances fromentering the liver. Silymarin is also known for its very potent antioxidantproperties. Milk thistle is also veryefficient in relieving the symptoms of the inflammatory bowel syndrome,treating psoriasis, stimulating the flow of breast milk in breastfeeding women,reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and preventing certaintypes of cancer.

Health Benefits of Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is among the best remedies for numerousdifferent types of liver oriented medical conditions such as alcoholic liverdisease and cirrhosis. These are very serious medical conditions which areknown for causing significant damage to the liver. Some sources also claim thatmilk thistle can be helpful to a certain degree when it comes to treating viralhepatitis. Silymarin contained in milk thistle has very potent antioxidantproperties and it can be of great help in preventing cervical cancer, breastcancer and prostate cancer. Milk thistle can also be very beneficial when itcomes to reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and increasing thelevels of good cholesterol in the blood at the same time. Milk thistle may alsocome in very handy because it reduces the harmful effects which are sometimesassociated with chemotherapy, radiation and certain prescribed chemical drugs.Silymarin is an efficient antidote to numerous types of poisoning and similarmedical conditions as well. Milk thistle can also be of great help for allthose who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, gallstones, diabetes, Crohn’sdisease, cholesterol problems, cancers, skin acne and numerous other medicalconditions. Milk thistle leaves can be cooked and used in salads. Milk thistlecan be consumed in tinctures, capsules and teas.

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