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Information on Goji Berries

Goji berries are characterized by a bright red color, andthey considered being very health as they provide the human body with certainhealth benefits. Their taste is both sour and sweet, and they can be consumedin their raw form or in the form of juice or liquid extracts. They may also beassociated with the occurrence of certain side effects in some cases, but thoseare usually triggered by over consumption of goji berries. Goji berries aresometimes also referred to as wolfberries and they come from a deciduous plantwhich belongs to the family known by the name of solanaceae. The two mostcommon species of goji are known as lycium Chinese and lycium barbarum. Theyare commonly cultivated in the subtropical and temperate regions of the world,but they are most widely cultivated in China, Mongolia and the Himalayanregions of Tibet. The Tibetans and Chinese have used it for numerous centuriesfor various medicinal and culinary purposes, but the Western Civilization hasonly recently started discovering the benefits which goji berries provide.

Health Benefits of Goji Berry

Goji berries are an excellent source of variousdifferentkinds of antioxidant substances which come in very handy in fighting thefreeradicals, oxidizing them and reducing the severity and amount of damagethey cause to various cells and tissues in the human body. Freeradicalsactually accelerate the process of aging,so goji berries can be of great helpwhen it comes to slowing down that process and boosting the immune system. Gojiberries are also very beneficial for the overall health of the brain. Gojiberries contain zeaxabthin which is veryefficient in improving the vision,protecting the retina and reducing the risk of age related macular degeneration.Goji berries are also veryefficient in improving the fertility, protecting theliver, improving the functioning of the circulatory system and preventingnumerous severe medical conditions.

Goji Berries Side Effects

When a person consumes goji berries in excessive amounts itmay lead to the occurrence of several types of side effects. Pregnant womenshould avoid consuming goji berries. Minor side effects of goji berriescommonly include dizziness and nausea. They may also interact with certain typesof medications and cause further medical complications. Those includehypotension and fainting. Those who take warfarin should steer clear of gojiberries because the mixture of the two may lead to an increased risk ofbleeding.

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