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Information on Relacore

Relacore is a medication which is supposed to be of great help for those who want to lose weight. It is a very popular drug and many people use it because it is very efficient in reducing stress, enhancing weight loss and decreasing the accumulation of belly fat. Relacore does not have any sedative properties and it has a certain effect on the body which may be of great help for those who suffer from occasional anxiety.

Cortisol is the so called stress hormone and it is believed that it may be responsible for the weight gain around the belly area. It is also responsible for numerous other changes in the human body which affect different systems.

Relacore is very efficient in fighting cortisol and all of its harmful properties. Relacore can also be associated with certain side effects in some cases.

Relacore Side Effects

There are certain minor side effects which can be associated with the consumption of relacore in some cases. Usually they include insomnia and difficulty in sleeping.

A person may also experience depression, certain unusual mood swings, nausea, menstrual cramps, vomiting, different menstrual irregularities and indigestion. Relacore does not provide any sedative qualities but it can still trigger drowsiness, blurred vision, difficulty in concentration, vertigo, high blood pressure and dizziness in certain cases. Other minor side effects of relacore may include joint pain, diarrhea, raised marks on the skin, flushing of skin, thinning of hair, excessive gas production, hair loss, constipation, and belching of the stomach. Relacore can also be associated with some serious side effects in certain rare cases.

One of the most common serious side effects of relacore is heart palpitation. It may also lead to further medical complications such as arrhythmias and blood pressure fluctuations. Relacore may also trigger certain allergic reactions in some people and they can be reflected in numerous different forms of itching, rashes and swelling. Relacore can unfortunately be affiliated with long term liver damage as well. Some rare cases have also included unexplained weight gain as an opposite side effect of relacore.

Sometimes the side effects may be similar to symptoms of Cushing’s syndrome as well. Relacore may also trigger side effects such as hyperpigmentation, excessive hair growth and sometimes even acne. Some people who take relacore may experience difficulty in attaining erection and low sex drive as well. Relacore cannot be a substitute for a healthy diet and a regular exercising routine.

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