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Potentially Relaxing, PotentiallyDangerous

Antidepressants are widely used aroundthe globe, helping many people deal with their mental problems,self-esteem related issues and many other things. However, the exacteffect of most of these medications has not yet been discovered.Rather, they influence certain parts of a person's brain, havingdepression removal as one of the effects. Nevertheless, researcheshave shown that there is a significant amount of danger regardingthese medications, because there are numerous side-effects, possiblyfatal for one's health.

Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors

These types of antidepressantsinfluence certain parts of brain, disallowing the chemical serotonineto enter it. Also, these types of medications are choices of many whowant to fight off their depression. Even though highly effective inits purpose, this drug is also known to increase risk from stroke.Namely, those who use it, especially women in their menopausalperiods, have up to 45% greater chances of suffering from this heartfailure.

Further on, these drugs increase one'ssuicidal tendencies. Therefore, those who use them may cause a threatto themselves, at some point of their lives. Finally, pregnant womenare not advised to use these antidepressants. This is mainly becausetheir child may be born defective due to certain unwantedside-effects of the serotonin uptake inhibitors.

Other Types of Drugs and TheirSide-effects

Next on the list come tricycliscs.These antidepressants present a type older than those previouslymentioned. They are rarely used due to their abundance of negativesides. However, sometimes, when a person cannot be cured by usingserotonin uptake inhibitors, he or she is prescribed these.Drowsiness, dizziness and blurred vision are just some of theside-effects. Besides these, one may experience sexual dysfunction,constipation, dry mouth and even increased heart rate. All theseside-effects are quite dangerous. Therefore, only in dire need shouldone take this category of medications.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors are thenext type of potentially dangerous antidepressants. Even though thesemay be effective with cases of major depression, bipolar disordersand similar conditions, one should still be careful while using them.Namely, fish, chocolate, processed food, pickles, alcoholic drinksand many others should be avoided while using these medications since mixing them with any of the food types mentioned can result ina stroke.

Moreover, none of the antidepressantsmentioned throughout this article should be combined with oneanother, since the outcome of such a mixture may even be fatal.

Finally, although newer medicationsmade for these purposes, try to have the least side-effects, theystill do have them. Thus, regarding of the type of theantidepressant, one should be careful whenever using them.

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