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Many names for one and the same 'stuff'

Ever since its usage has become more prominent, so did the various names emerged all of which refer to one and the same thing – marijuana, i.e. weed. Nowadays it goes by such nicknames as grass, hemp, pot, ganja, while cannabis represents a more official and scientific term for this plant in question. It used to be quite highly graded in a number of societies, where it had been employed either for ritual purposes, or for those purely recreational. However, once it began to oppose serious threat to the well-being of the people, it was banned by authorities. This occurred over one century ago, and now only a couple of countries allow it on a legal basis.

Still, its psychoactive nature and characteristics still make it an extremely popular choice with people coming from different backgrounds and walks of life as well. This contradicts the findings of a number of research studies performed up until the present days, which clearly reveal the ill effects of marijuana/weed consumption, especially on a regular basis. Furthermore, having the every day reality in mind, the aforementioned findings surpass mere implications relating to the increased risk of developing lung cancer, which is a direct consequence of inhaling smoke in greater quantities.

On the other hand, a substantial number of research studies has also discovered quite a number of straightforward health benefits and medicinal characteristics, like pain alleviation, which is a direct consequence of several illnesses quite serious and severe in nature. Therefore, whether a person is going to be in favor of it or not depends on the research side that he/she is most willing to ultimately take.

Regarded as most frequently occurring

Having all the unwanted, undesired and harmful ill effects of smoking marijuana in mind, those regarded as the most prominent and thus necessary to state are, among others, altered perception of time, excessive anxiety, paranoia, sleepiness and last but not the least, having a lot of trouble in keeping things and events in one's memory.

Aside from these more of a psychological ill effects, there is also a number of direct physical ones. Those worth mentioning include the likes of the following – increased urge for food consumption, diminished cerebral flow of blood, down drops in one's muscle strength, body temperature changes, changes in the pulmonary status, increased heart rate, improper and decreased coordination, tremors, intensive and difficult to bear headaches, highly unpleasant nausea and dry mouth.

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