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Marijuana and Health Problems

We all know that smoking marijuana is illegal, since this plant, called Cannabis, has numerous effects upon a person's psyche and is therefore considered a drug. Still, marijuana has been used as a vital part of medicine in ancient Chinese, Persian and Greek societies. Even today people know that marijuana can help with numerous health problems like having glaucoma. Still, due to the fact that more people abuse this drug rather than use it for medical purposes, it is considered illegal and is legally given only to a certain few who have prescriptions for being medically treated with this plant. However, marijuana has much potentials and we are yet to discover different ways of using it for our benefit.

Healing Powers of Cannabis

Before Aspirin was invented, marijuana was considered to be the best pain reliever and was widely used before it was proclaimed illegal by an act in 1937. The main element from many different chemicals this plant has is THC, being responsible for all the psychedelic effects one experiences once indulging into marijuana. However, THC has its medical purposes as well.

Namely, THC is known to reduce nausea and other highly uncomfortable side-effects of chemotherapy. Moreover, it has been proven that this chemical can help people with AIDS gain their weight. However, many people, especially the elderly, cannot cope with all the negative effects THC has on one's mind and body. Therefore, treatment with medical marijuana is considered the last resort, once all else fails.

As it was mentioned above, Cannabis smoking reduces the pressure one has in the eyes. Therefore, it can help with treating glaucoma. Unfortunately, in the long run, this way of treatment ceases to be effective and should be swapped with some other method.

Plans and Problems Related to Marijuana in Medicine

There are impending medical plans which express a desire of implementing medical use of marijuana, possibly being one of the most effective painkillers available. However, for this to happen, scientists would have to be able to separate just the elements which help, without causing side effects. Until then, the government will continue to forbid the unauthorized usage of marijuana, due to all the unwanted health problems its abuse causes.

Some of the common side-effects of marijuana smoking include memory loss and impairment, dizziness, coordination issues, hallucinations, heart pressure problems etc. Moreover, some of the elements you inhale through smoking cannabis are cancerous. This is why marijuana is prescribed only in dire cases, remaining illegal most of the time.

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