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Severe shoulder pain

A Delicate Structure

Each of our shoulders has a very complex joint system. It consists of cartilage, tendons, muscles and other parts, ensuring its proper mobility and correct functioning. Therefore, taking into consideration the complexity of such a mechanism, its proneness to injury is not strange. Namely, most often caused by a direct blow or simple overstraining, one's injured shoulder may be quite painful. Therefore, proper symptoms need to be noticed timely, in order to react and provide adequate treatment in such cases.

Reasons Behind Shoulder Pain

One of the most often causes of strong shoulder pain is shoulder dislocation. Our shoulder works on a system of a ball and socket. Thus, due to a physical injury or overstraining, one part of the structure may get dislocated, causing damage to its surroundings, resulting in pain and mobility issues. Alternatively, our tendons, connected to the shoulder joint, may get inflamed, having the same, and highly uncomfortable result.

Generally, infections affecting our shoulder and causing pain around the spot, are usually provoked by some underlying illnesses. Therefore, arthritis, tendinitis, gallstones or even pregnancy may cause the inflammation of our shoulder joints. In cases of gallstones, the pain engages once a person has eaten something spicy while in pregnancy this condition is usually followed by bleeding from one's vagina as well as some other symptoms.

Treating Severe Shoulder Pain

First and foremost, once you decide to seek medical attention due to the severe pain in your shoulder, the doctor will need to scan the troublesome body part in order to establish a proper diagnosis. After doing this, adequate treatment will be prescribed. In all cases of shoulder treatment, shoulder movement needs to be reduced to the very minimum. Therefore, you should restrain yourself from moving the painful part of your body, in order to provide it adequate healing conditions.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers are prescribed in order to help you cope with pain. Sometimes, often due to breakage of bones, you are to have your shoulder immobilized. In cases of underlying illnesses, these need to be treated first. If other means fail, operation may be a necessity. Once successfully performed, the rehabilitation period starts.

Once your shoulder has started feeling better, you will be given instructions for proper exercises. The recovery period is long, an the patient needs to follow all instructions given to him or her, in order to have his or her shoulder healed completely. Finally, if pregnancy is causing shoulder problems, it may need to be terminated. As for gallstone problems, diet change is a must.

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