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Take Care of Your Knuckles

Taking into consideration the verylocation of our knuckles, which are on our hands, on the verybeginning of our fingers, it is not strange that they are often hurt.People who use their hand often in order to work physically or forsome other purposes, tend to hurt this part of their hands quitefrequently. Also, those who are training some martial arts, due toexercising and hitting things with their knuckles, may have theminjured as well. Namely, injured knuckles manifest themselves throughpain and discomfort. However, in some more serious cases, swellingmay be an indicator as well. The latter is often a trademark of amore serious injury, thus demanding further attention.

What Causes Our Knuckles to Hurt?

Most often, the reason for knuckle painand discomfort lies in a direct injury inflicted upon the knucklesthemselves. In other cases, the arthritis may be causing swelling andpain due to the inflammation in the joints. Overstraining of one'shand muscles and joints due to excessive physical activity may bebehind knuckle pain as well.

How Does One Treat Knuckle Pain?

One of the things which may provide yourelief from your painful knuckles are painkillers. Theseover-the-counter medications may remove the pain completely, leavingyour knuckles to regenerate without you feeling anything. However,these medications should be taken only if the pain and discomfort areotherwise unbearable. Excessive use of painkillers may result incertain health problems.

For knuckle injuries caused byoverstraining, the best remedy lies in proper relaxation exercisesand massage. Namely, you need to provide your knuckles exercisewithout causing additional pain and problems. Also, massaging thetroublesome spots may be of great assistance as it can evencompletely remove the pain.

As far as inflamed joints areconcerned, the best solution are healing magnets. These items haveproven themselves worthy of healing one's joint problems, includingknuckles. Depending on the severity of both the injury and the pain,adequate magnets are given to one to be worn near the injured spot.The magnetic activity relieves one of pain due to the constantexposure of one's knuckles to the magnet itself.

Finally, resting your knuckles in awarm, salty water for more than half an hour, helps greatly sincethis can remove inflammations and other similar causes of pain inthis area. Also, one of the oldest remedies involve cold or hotcompressions which make the knuckle area numb to any sensations,including pain. If all of the methods mentioned above prove to beinsufficient, seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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