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Left shoulder pain is taken moreseriously than the pain that occurs in the right shoulder since they usuallyfear that it is connected with some heart disease such as a heart attack.However, we all must know that the pain does not appear out of blue and that itis always an indicator of some problem in the body. Therefore, any pain that we experience should not be neglected wherever it appears in the body.

The structure of the shoulder isvery complex and the pain in this region may occur due to numerous reasons.First of all, when the shoulder joints, or muscles, ligaments or tendons inthis area are affected by some disorder, the pain in the shoulder is inevitable. Theshoulder is prone to strains and sprains, as well as to tears and inflammations, and therefore, the pain in the shoulder is a quite common condition.

Causes of right shoulder pain

In the majority of cases when thepain appears in right shoulder blade, the main culprit for that are gallstonesor any other gallbladder disease. This pain, which one experiences as a knottedmuscle under the right shoulder blade, usually spreads to the surrounding area. Another frequent cause for theoccurrence of the ache under the right shoulder blade is the condition calledliver abscess, when a mass filled with puss attaches itself to the liver. Sincethe liver is placed below the rib cage, any liver disorder manifests itselfthrough the pain that the person experiences beneath the right shoulder blade.If the pain is accompanied by fever and jaundice, then it is a sure signthat the liver is affected by some disease.

Right shoulder pain may be also caused by esophagus disorders, pancreasproblems, diaphragm irritation and some viral respiratory system infection.Furthermore, penetrating stomach ulcers and aortic dissection are alsoresponsible for the pain in the right shoulder. In women, right shoulder pain may bean indicator of the breast cancer, which has progressed and spread out from theright breast.

One of the culprits for theoccurrence of pain in the right shoulder is the condition called adhesivecapsulitis, which is characterized by the stiffness, rigidity and pain in thejoint of the shoulder. Furthermore, in cases when thepain appears after one tries to raise his/her arm over the head or move theright shoulder, it is usually the symptom of osteoarthritis or rheumatoidarthritis.

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