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Meet the mints

This family is madeup of about 6900 to 7200 different species. It is most famous for the herbsthat have strong, but appealing and sense pleasing aroma. Some of the mostfamous herbs, which have found use in peoples’ everyday lives are such aslavender, basil, thyme, spearmint, peppermint and rosemary, to name but a few. Inorder for people to get a fuller picture and acquaint with the properties ofthe mints, all they have to do is keep on reading, for a more detailed accountof some of the most widely used is given.

Spearmint – for those entire people keenon botany, its name is menthe spicata. This herb is most commonly found inEurope and Southwest Asia. Oil derived from this herb has a quite extensive useas a flavoring component in chewing gums, confectionery, toothpastes andcertain pharmaceutical products. It is also employed for the purpose of relievingsuch illnesses as fever, bronchitis, nasal congestion, headaches and alsohysteria.Peppermint – is in truth a hybridcoming from the watermint and the spearmint, and is regarded as one of the mostancient herbs employed in the treatment of numerous conditions due to its richmedicinal properties. It is also quite often used to enrich the flavor of a tea,ice cream, toothpaste, as well as in soaps and shampoos. When it comes toproviding alleviation, it is employed when such conditions as cramps in thestomach, indigestion, nasal congestion, anxiety, headache, nausea, menstrual crampsand vomiting arise.Basil – mostly employed in the Italiancuisine. Important to mention is that it can be found in numerous varietiessuch as the French, American, Indian and Egyptian. It is also a significant part of a largenumber of food varieties, as well as oral and dental products.Thyme – quite famous for its culinary,as well as a number of medicinal uses. Going a bit back in time, Egyptiansemployed it in the process of embalming, whereas Greeks used it extensively fortheir baths and in their temples. When it comes to the present use, it is mostemployed and made a part of mouthwash solutions due to its strong antiseptic characteristics,as well as in the form of a tea for alleviation of cough and bronchial issues.Rosemary – abounds in iron, calciumand vitamin B6 and is regarded to boost memory, as well as protect the brainfrom the harmful influence of the free radicals, decreasing the risk of strokeand Alzheimer’s disease.Lavender – most frequently employed asa part of an aroma therapy, providing a great number of health related benefits– relief of restlessness, depression, insomnia and intense anxiety.

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