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This oil is known for its numerous uses, the most important of which include skin care and aid in the treatment of many health related issues. The oil in question belongs to the group of essential oils that are endowed with numerous medicinal characteristics. It is especially known for its overwhelming odor that produces a refreshing and highly tranquilizing effect. The plant from which the oil in question is extracted is a citrus fruit, originally coming from Italy. But the Egyptians are thought of as the first ones who discovered the practical uses of this essential oil.

Upsides and benefits

The oil itself consists of numerous chemicals active in nature and thanking to them it abounds in numerous benefits. It is well-known as a stimulant that produces a fresh and energetic feel. It also initiates and enhances the stimulation of all the essential hormones that provide great help when it comes to digestion processes, as well as nutrient absorption. Another quite desirable benefit is that it has a relaxing effect on the nerves, which makes it a superb relaxant. This way it aids a person in alleviating present tensions, anxiety, nervousness, stress and blood pressure and insomnia likewise. Its specific constituents have turned it into a highly effective antibiotic and antiseptic, and due to these properties, it can be employed in the treatment and prevention of bacteria, virus and fungi growth and spreading. Also it is quite effective in remedying wounds and infections of different kind. The overall medicinal properties make it an excellent means to reduce pain sensitivity of the nerves and alleviate in record time pain that is a direct consequence of various headaches, sprains, convulsions and muscle related cramps. Bergamot oil is also known to aid pigment and melanin distribution on the surface of the person’s skin and is extremely effective in removing of the scars, as well as various marks appearing on the skin.


The oil in question has found its most extensive use as a significant constituent of the aroma therapy, but is also employed as a highly effective means for the treatment of different illnesses. When it comes to the medicinal use of this essential oil, those that are the most important include:

Curing of the urinary tract infectionStomach related disorders and illnessesExcessive stressDifferent skin related problemsHair careDental care

All of the above mentioned plentiful uses of this essential oil come from its unique and non-toxic nature. But despite this, the presence of certain chemicals in it does make it photo toxic, which means that it should be kept in places that are not directly exposed to the sunlight. Also, it is highly recommended that a person who has applied bergamot oil does not leave his/her home until it wears off exactly out of the afore mentioned characteristics.

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