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The substance inquestion is known as a weak acid that is endowed with numerous characteristicsoxidant in nature. It is employed quite a lot by dentists for the purpose ofbleaching, for it is regarded as an extremely effective bleaching agent. Anotherevident advantage is that it can be quite easily acquired from any localdrugstore. When employed properly and in adherence to certain rules, itrepresents more than effective means to return that pearl-like white color andshine to your teeth, and all this from the comfort of one’s home. This, ofcourse, makes it an even more desirable teeth-whitening solution.

Sparkling effects

The compound inquestion is known to be a constituent of the greatest majority of toot pastesthat are used on regular daily basis, as well as in mouth wash solutions anddisinfection ones. Given the fact it is a bleaching agent, the usage comes downto three to five percent, because the bigger percentage can cause quite a lotof harm to the person’s teeth. Its most noteworthy effects include eliminationof germs that are found in the mouth, as well as keeping one’s smile andteeth white as the whitest snow. Since it is also endowed with bleachingproperties, its effects are similar to those of the washing bleach, which hasthe ability to disintegrate those dirty marks.

Downsides andpotential harmful effects

Despite its numerous benefits,this compound is also known to have the potential to cause numerous unwantedand troublesome side effects, especially if the teeth of a person in questionare delicate and overly sensitive (including the gums as well). While whiteningone’s teeth on the one hand, hydrogen peroxide brings harm to the natural protectivelayer on the other, which is a quite serious side effect, it must be pointed out. As adirect consequence of this, person’s teeth tend to become all too sensitive tohot and cold.

Effective or not?

The answer to this question is definitely positive. In spite of the fact that the results might not be visible straightaway, when employed on a regular basis (one week or a bit longer), the glimmeringwhite color will return to the person’s teeth, no questions asked. Whitening canbe performed in more than one manner, but when it comes to its use at home, therecommended way to use it is by rinsing the mouth with hydrogen peroxide which has from three to five percent strength.

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