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Exotic and beneficial

The variety of oil inquestion is obtained from the fat of the emu bird. Aside from its exoticnature, this oil is considered to be quite beneficial and is used for manydifferent purposes. For those people whoare not familiar to such extent with this bird, important to know is thatit originates from Australia. What adds up even more to their exotic nature isthe belief that this bird has been around for quite some time; claims are thatit graced the earth all the way back to prehistoric periods. In addition, theAborigines regarded this bird as something sacred and used to worship it byproviding shelter and enough food.

Unfortunately, withthe progress of society, the bird has lost its prior significance and is nowvalued just for its oil and meat. As a matter of fact, the oil and meat attainedfrom this bird are regarded as a certain commodity and the demand for them isquite great. One of the reasons for this is that this meat abounds in proteins,containing extremely small quantities of harmful and unwanted cholesterol. Thesame also goes for the oil. Some of the most frequent usages include pain-relieving, production of skin and hair care products, as well as cosmetics, andall the way to the solutions employed for the purpose of machine lubrication. Moreimportantly, this oil is claimed to be quite beneficial when it comes toremedying and treating the obnoxious stretch marks, as well as scars of allkinds.

Specific uses

Despite the factthat, when it comes to the occurrence of stretch marks, the most criticalperiod is considered to be pregnancy, these skin affectors can occur as adirect consequence of many other underlying factors. Overall, regarded as the primary culprit isexcessive skin stretching. Furthermore, this stretching can be brought abouteither by certain factors physical in nature, or by specific hormonal changes. Amongthe physical factors, those considered to be most prominent are above regularweight gain, e.g. in bodybuilders or pregnant women. As for the latter,stretching can be induced by overdoing it with steroids, as well as in the caseof Cushing’s syndrome. Bottom line is that both men and women can fall underthe influence of the stretch marks. But emu oil is regarded as one of the most health beneficial and mosteffective varieties of oil and natural remedies for both the stretch marks andscars.

Proper application

The most activecomponent in this oil that directly aids the healing of the skin is thevitamin E, which has the ability to revitalize and repair the sore spots, aswell as increase the skins oil absorption capacity. Since the oil is availablein various forms – as body lotion, pure form, bath oil, employing any of thiswill certainly give positive results. Having pure form of this oil in mind, itis important to emphasize that, due to its concentrated nature, it should beemployed in quite small quantities – 2 or 3 drops to be applied on the skin andthis repeated two or three times in the course of the day.

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