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Treat your eyes

As it has beenpointed out many times before, when it comes to beneficial effects that almond oil has on the eyes, it is quite astonishing. It has great potential in making the skinsurrounding the eyes smooth, soft and flexible. When it comes to the physical characteristicsand the overall outlook of the oil, it is important to point out that it is ofa lighter shade of yellow, in terms of the color, and is acquired from thekernels of almond. In addition, this oil abounds in monosaturated fats and istherefore employed in cooking, as well as for the purpose of determining thelevel of cholesterol in the person’s blood, as well as for boosting the person’scardiovascular health. To make the things even more interesting and appealing,almond oil is also regarded as a fairly rich source of vitamins such as E andD, magnesium and calcium. And if applied externally, the above mentioned active constituentswill most surely prove to be quite good skin nourishment.

In case of eyes,this particular oil can provide more than one benefit. Since it is endowed withnatural emollient characteristics, it provides a pleasant soothing andtranquilizing effect not only on the skin surrounding the eyes, but on the eyesthemselves. Also, due to its texture, it does not block the skin pores, which isextremely important. Being unobtrusive and light, it makes it ideal for the sensitiveskin located around the eyes. Yet another benefit of the almond oil is that itis an excellent skin moisturizer, which has the ability to improve bloodcirculation, and thus prevent wrinkles, dark circles and sagging skin from occurring,especially in old age.

Use instructions

There is, of course, quite a number of ways this oil can be effectively employed. One of them is eyemassage, i.e. massage of the area surrounding the eyes (approx. ten minutes), whichwill provide immediate improvement of the massaged skin. It is important to bediligent in the sense that this should be done each night for two weeks at least.Next beneficial use of this oil is mirrored in its application in the form of amixture together with honey. It is important to mix exactly the same amounts ofthe two, rub the mixture on the skin surrounding the eyes, and do all thatprior to going to bed at night. Last but not the least, if a person is seekinga way to avoid the sagging skin surrounding the eyes, all it takes is to take 2teaspoons of almond, cod liver oil and water, and combine it with onetablespoon of lanolin and comfrey leaves.

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