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Since you are what you eat, it is extremely important towatch your diet at any stage of your life. People suffering from Candida areeven more likely to respond to everything they put in their mouth. Because ofthat, these patients should be educated what is helpful and what’s not, so theycould choose healthier food for their condition.

Candida is normally present in the intestines as goodbacteria which protect the body. However, in certain situations these bacteriastart to grow rapidly and multiply to such extent that this becomes a medical problem.In most cases, people experience Candida overgrowth when there is somethingwrong with their immune system. Additional reason for overgrowth of Candida mayinclude diet very rich in sugar, acidic pH level and also use of antibioticmedications.

These bacteria can and should be fight on three fronts. As primarygoal, you have to stop feeding the Candida in your body. As second, already presentovergrowth yeast should die-off, and as last, your immune system should beboosted up, to be able to fight against Candida. Proper nutrition can help youwith all three objectives, and all there is to know is what to eat and whatfood is not good for your problem.

Candida Diet

Although many people find that fighting against Candida withfood is not easy, you don’t have to starve yourself up. Learn some new recipesand cooking techniques and you might be pleasantly surprised how tasteful thisfood can be.

Recommended food includes fresh fruits and vegetables, richin minerals and vitamins, as well as some other yeast fighting substances. Low sugarfruits, such as various berries, citrus fruits and apples are very good foreveryone facing Candida problems. You will need 2 to 3 serving of fresh fruitevery day, but don’t take more than that, to avoid taking too much sugar. Non starchyvegetables are also beneficial, so choose: cauliflower, green leafy vegetables,peppers, onions or cucumbers for your meals. Another useful vegetable isgarlic, which is well known to be immune booster.

Yogurt without added sugar is another useful tool forCandida overgrowth. Add some berries and you will have a perfect starter of theday or healthy desert for any meal.

Lean proteins should also find place in your plate. Eat poultry,fish and meats, but keep in mind that these should be grilled or broiled. You canalso bake the food or sauté it in olive oil.

Food to Avoid when Suffering from Candida

Processed food rich in sugar, products with white flour andice creams should be avoided if you are experiencing Candida overgrowth. Don’tuse sugar sweetened drinks, such as alcohol, fruit juices or sodas and limitthe intake of potatoes, sweet corn, grapes and bananas. The meat you eat shouldnot be coated in flour or any other type of breading. Fried meat and sugarcontaining salad dressings are not good for you, also.

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