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Candida Albicans is a fungus that naturally livesin or body. Under normal circumstances, this fungus is not harmful. However, thereare certain factors that cause it to overproduce. The best environments forCandida’s overproduction are warm and damp places in the body, such as vagina,rectum, mouth and skin.

The Candida infections are usually called yeastinfections, or thrush or cadidiasis. Apart from oral and genital yeastinfections, the fungi can affect esophagus, throat, gastrointestinal tract andthe nails. Furthermore, the yeast can travel through the bloodstream andaffects the heart valves, lungs and the kidneys. The most common symptoms of this infection are theappearance of the white and swollen patches of the skin or the mucous membrane, which becomes itchy and irritated.

Cause of Candida infections

The fungus Candida Albicans usuallyresides in the intestines. Its amount is regulated by the friendly bacteria inthe intestines, as well as by the body’s immune system. Therefore, the main causesfor the occurrence of a yeast infection are weak immune system and a prolongeduse of antibiotics that kill the bacteria in our body. A yeast infection may also be causedby the diet rich in sugar, medicines such as birth control pills and steroids, as well as by the change of the pH of the digestive system.

Natural remedies for Candidainfections

Although many doctors prescribecertain topical or oral administration of the antifungal medicines, the naturalremedies are totally harmful and very effective in treating yeast infections. In order to prevent the uncontrolledgrowth of the fungus, oregano oil and peppermint oil are very potent. Furthermore,the supplements of the friendly bacteria called acidophilus, are also veryeffective since these bacteria can stop the overgrowth of the fungus byproducing hydrogen peroxide that can kill Candida Albicans. Moreover, it is recommended to drinkmuch plain sugarfree yogurt since it contains good bacteria that can control thefungus’ production.

The people who suffer fromcandidiasis should use coconut oil and olive oil since these two oils containacids that are very beneficial. Other natural remedies that arehighly recommended when the yeast infections are in the question are tea treeoil, apple cider vinegar and garlic. Echinacea and aloe vera are twoherbs that also have anti-fungal properties. They are very good for boostingthe immune system of the body. Furthermore, cinnamon, rosemary and barberry arealso used in the treatment of the yeast infections. It is very important to restrict theintake of the sugary foods and not to use antibiotics when a yeast infectionappears.

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