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IntroductionCandida is a yeast that causes infections, the most well-known form being the vaginal infection. Candida occurs when the balance of the bacteria in the body is upset which enables the bad bacteria and candida to flourish and outnumber the good bacteria. Candida can affect any part of the body, but common cases are those of vaginal infections, oral thrush and skin infections. Bodies with the weak immune system are more prone to yeast infections.

CausesThe first cause of candida infection can be attributed to the use of antibiotic. Nowadays, antibiotics are widely used in the treatment of numerous bacterial infections. Antibiotics affect the bad bacteria in the body and kill them, but they also have a significant impact on the good ones thus causing the bacterial imbalances in the body. As a result, the conditions are ideal for Candida development and spreading. In addition, too much using of the antibiotics make bacteria resistant to them which again is a good way to boost Candida's growth. It is a common case that after taking antibiotics, women have vaginal yeast infections and children may develop thrush. Antibiotics can enter the body indirectly through food. Animals and their meat are given antibiotics to make them proper for eating. Intake of meat or dairy products introduces the bacteria and antibiotics into the body and help candida spreading.

Eating habits greatly affect the health. In order to successfully resist infections, body needs a lot of nutritional elements. For this reason, intake of food rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins is of vital importance. The food that is favorable to Candida is the one high in sugar and carbohydrates. Refined food full of saturated fats help Candida grow. For this reason, food people eat should be low of fast, sugar and refined carbohydrates and high in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is recommended to avoid high-fat dairies and meat.

Contraceptive pills and other synthetic hormone pills can induce the Candida spreading. Some other medications such as steroids or the ones used for treating ulcers also increases the risks of infections. Constant stress and weakened immune system make a person more susceptible to Candida infections. People with severely weakened immune system, such as, cancer patients or HIV patients are at higher risk of getting the infection. Candida can be attributed to some toxic substances and uncleaned or chlorinated water. There are some theories that claim enzymes and hydrochloric acids of low amounts may help Candida growth.

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