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A few words about bronchitis

One of the most common illnesses that affect the breathing system is bronchitis, which is the medical term for acute or chronic inflammation of the bronchial tubes. This inflammatory process can be either provoked by the bacteria or by the virus, but it can be said that the bronchitis triggered by the virus is more widespread and powerful. Nevertheless, the both cases of the bronchitis require the immediate medical treatment, since they can be very serious diseases. Therefore, if left untreated, this health problem decreases the amount of the air capacity in the lungs and the circulation of the air permanently, which is also known as the obstructive pulmonary disorder. Also, the pneumonia is a likely possible consequence.

Provokers, indicators and the treatmentWhen it comes to the indicators of this condition, naturally, the acute form is more intense and lasts shorter than the permanent type of this inflammation. However, the biggest concern is that the troublesome symptoms torture the body for several months in the case of the acute form. Also, the most troublesome thing, concerning the bronchitis of the viral origin is that, in this case, the disease is easily transmittable, that is, for example, by the droplets of the mucus when coughing. Nevertheless, the bacteria and the virus may go hand in hand as the provokers of this health problem (and it could be recognized as the yellowish to green discharge when coughing), but, the most common provoker is very widespread flu virus. So, as far as the indicators are concerned, the most prominent are the similar as in the case of common cold, such as; the slightly increased temperature of the body accompanied with chills, the pain and the redness in the throat, the increased mucus in the nose, overall weakness with the pain f the muscles and, of course, the productive type of the persistent cough.

Of course, the people with the weaker immune system, the persons who introduce more harmful substances into their lungs (e.g. cigarette smoke), the sufferers from some underlying disorders (e.g. sinusitis, allergy) and the people with the poor eating habits are more prone to be affected by this disease.

However, particularly in the case of the bronchitis of the viral origin, the condition, because of the constant irritation and the contraction, may degenerate the membranes of the bronchi and the cough is rather permanent trouble, too. That is why especially the persistent treatment and the disciplined recovery period is needed when suffering from this kind of the disease.

Nevertheless, the successful treatment must include the medications intended for expelling the accumulated mucus, the drugs for lowering the temperature of the body, the medications for widening the air passages, the air humidifiers, the increased intake of the liquids is recommended, and the antibiotics, in order to prevent the possible complication.

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