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Why do allergies occur?

It is well known that allergic reactions happen when theimmune system identifies some substance, which is normally not harmful, as apotential threat to the health of the organism. This is why it might sound hardto believe that in the greatest number of cases, the cause of the allergy is alsorelated to the health of the digestive system, which means that those who haveproblems with this system are more prone to experiencing allergic reaction thanthose who do not have problems of this kind. The fact is that up to 80% ofhistamine receptors can be found exactly in the digestive tract and that iswhere the decision is made whether or not antigens need to be created by thebody.

How can they be cured?

Allergies can be really hard to cure, and it is always bestto simply stay away from the allergens or to eliminate them, if it is possible.It is also proven that the presence of candida in the digestive systemcontributes to the excessive histamine response, and once it is eliminated fromthe body, people will find themselves to be significantly less sensitive to variousallergens. Cleanse of the digestive system is beneficial for other reasons aswell, which is why it is recommended to do that from time to time. Besides anumber of medications that provide relief for various symptoms of allergies,there are natural remedies that should be tried out, because they can be helpas well, but on the longer run. Some of them are:

A mixture of sandalwood powder and lime juice should beapplied to affected areas, since it is known to help with itching.Lemon juice and coconut oil mixture help in soothingthe affected area.One of the easiest natural remedies to prepare at home ismade by mixing the juice of carrot, cucumber and beetroot.Omega-3 essential fatty acids neutralize the inflammatory responseof the body, which is why their intake should be increased either throughsupplements or through food sources.Even though honey is made of pollen, it is known for itsability to reduce allergic reaction.Onions, garlic and citrus fruits are known as very richsources of natural antihistamines, which means that they can help in preventionof allergic reaction.Air filters and dehumidifiers can eliminate mold in humidenvironments, which is why their use in the apartments should be considered.

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