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Skin rash can be veryannoying problem, which can even cause problems with sleeping. We will talkabout one type of skin rash called scabies rash, which can target adults andchildren as well. The cause of this problem is scabies mites, which invade theskin and create the problem we are talking about. The skin infection is causedby the scabies called sarcopters. They just invade the skin and with theireight legs create tunnel in the epidermis or the upmost skin layer. In thesetunnels, mites lay eggs and this spreads the infection further. The rash isthen created due to the effect of the tunnels.The scabies skin rash is described as red blisters that cause itchiness, whichcan be a very discomforting problem. This condition can causeitchiness, which can be so great that it can lead to sleeping problems. Thelocations on the body that are mostly affected by this type of rash are legs,wrists and hands. Dermatitis is a problem that causes very similar problems toscabies rash, and this can create problems with diagnosing the rash. One of themost common ways of contracting scabies rash is by direct contact with theperson who has scabies rash. You can also develop this type of rash by sharinga bed or a towel with the infected person.

Norwegian Scabies

This name is associatedwith a very serious type of scabies, which can also be called crusted scabies.Norwegian scabies is a problem that can persist for several weeks since thereare thousands of mites inside your skin, which is much greater than 15 to 20 scabiesassociated with regular scabies. This is a very serious problem that has to betreated right away in order to avoid complications in the future. The symptomsof this rash are itchiness, thick crusts located on the skin, blisters andinflammation. People who have weaker immune system can contract this problemmore easily.


One treatment methodinvolves the use of scabicide lotion, which needs to be applied very generouslyand left on the affected area from 8 to 10 hours. After this period, thesolution needs to be washed off and the results will be visible in few days.The use of topical ointments is advised since they will eliminate the mites becausethe body absorbs them very quickly. You can use ant-itch creams for the itchingproblem. Several remedies can be used if you do not want to usemedications. You can try neem oil, which is very effective and even used in theproduction of many skin products. There are several forms in which thisremedy can be acquired, like neem soap or neem seed oil. Any of these formswill reduce the itchiness and bring some relief to the problem. You can alsouse bath water in which several tablespoons of neem oil have been added.

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