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Scabies rash - prevention and cure of scabies

Scabies Infection

Skin infection caused by the mite known as Sarcoptes scabiei is called scabies. This mite is very small, about 1/3 of the millimeter in length, with a flat, oval and wrinkled body and eight legs. Fertilized female mite digs a hole on the surface of the human skin and start to lay eggs in the hole. It takes about 2 weeks for the new mites to completely mature and to be able to repeat the process all over again. Normal life span of scabies mite is 30 days and it can multiply several times during this period.

The person infected by the mites usually experiences itching during the excavation of the dens in his skin. Scabies rash is also one of the frequent symptoms. Scratching of the skin could lead to redness, soreness and skin rashes. Symptoms may also include formation of bumps and blisters on the skin. People suffering from weakened immune system may experience some secondary infections.

People get infected by scabies being in close contact with an already infected individual. Cuddling, hugging or sexual contact are the most common ways to spread the scabies infection, as well as the use of clothes of an infected person.

Scabies usually infect the skin between the fingers, on the armpits, the wrists or elbows. The area along the belt line, the back and lower buttocks are also commonly infected. Women may suffer from scabies infection of the areolae of the breasts and men can experience infection of the genitals.

Treat and Cure Scabies Infection

Scabies infection can be cured and you should consult your doctor about it. There are many lotions and creams available to treat and kill the scabies mites. In order to choose the product suitable for your case, you should ask your doctor what he or she recommends. Some people might be allergic to substances used in these products, so it is important not to use anything prior to medical consultation.

The doctor may advise using some antihistamine medications, permethrin creams or ivermectin tablets.

Natural remedies for scabies also exist and neem leaves are frequently recommended as scabies cure. Apart from the leaves, you may use neem oil and apply it on the bedding.

Always make sure to wash the bedding and the clothes of infected individual in hot water and dry it on the sun. Vacuum the floors, rugs and carpets, to ensure there are no mites left. Disinfect the bathroom as well, because it is proven that scabies may live for 2 to 3 days without a human host.

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