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Scabies infection and conventional methods of treatment

Scabies are more than unpleasant and uncomfortable skinproblem, which is characterized by incessant urge to scratch and unbearableitchiness. What makes it even worse is the fact that it is contagious and thatphysical contact with the person who is infected is enough to catch the problemyourself, which is why it is particularly common in schools, child care groupsand nursing homes. In those who are infected, the skin will become covered insmall blisters or bumps, and irregular burrows will begin to form in the foldsof the skin, particularly between fingers, on the inner side of the elbows, inarmpits, on knees, buttocks and around the breasts. When children are infected,the areas such as scalp, face, soles of the feet and palms will particularly beaffected.

When it comes to the treatment of this condition, since itis contagious, it is important that everyone who lives with the infected person, as well as everyone who had more intimate contact with them, undergoes thetreatment. Here it is necessary that everyone is treated at the same time,because this is the only way to prevent re-infestation from somebody who mightnot show any symptoms. Clothing, bedding, towels and similar need to be washedand ironed, because the eggs of mites have to be destroyed too. Fortunately, thecondition is not difficult to treat because a number of medications thatdestroy the mites and their eggs are available and no medical prescription isnecessary for them. As for the itching, it might be present for some time evenafter the mites are eliminated, sometimes even several weeks later.

Home remedies that might help in the treatment of scabies

Even though there are numerous products for scabiestreatment that can be bought without a prescription, there are some old homeremedies that might be equally helpful. Some of them are:

Apricot leaves are effective in the treatment, but it isnecessary to make a fresh juice of them and apply it on the infected area.Drumstick leaves and sesame seed oil should be mixed andapplied on the parts of the body that are itchy, since these plants have antimicrobialcharacteristics and they provide relief.Tea tree oil should be used for bathing and it can beapplied directly because it also provides significant relief from itching andeliminates mites.Calamine lotion and products that contain neem oil also helpwith this condition and relieve the itching.

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