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Scabies is a well-known skin infection caused by the human skin mites, which can be found under the skin always producing new mites. Scabies infection is a contagious skin disorder and can be easily passed from a person to person only by touching, for example. This type of skin infection usually occurs in places that are full of people. Children can get it in school, for instance, and they may get infected if using objects that are infested by mites.

Symptoms of scabies rash in children

There are several skin infections, but scabies infection has its own characteristic warning signs. This infection can be distinguished from others by the appearance of thin raised lines on the skin. These lines are made by mites and represents place where they are laying new eggs. The most common places where scabies infection occurs are skin folds, such as behind the knee, on the wrists, between the fingers and toes, under the arms, or in the armpits.

After a period of four to six weeks from the time of the first exposure to the mites, skin rash appears and bumps and blister that emerge are of bright red color. At that point, the child may experience uncomfortable and unpleasant itching and scratching of the infected region. This itching usually becomes worse at night. Sleeplessness, tiredness and irritability usually appear as the results of the discomfort that scabies infection causes.

Treatment of scabies rash in children

To treat the scabies infection in children, both medical and natural treatment is effective and recommended. The parent can buy certain medicines without any prescription, but in the severe cases, it is recommended to take the child to the doctor. After examining the skin even under a microscope, the doctors usually recommend sulfur creams or creams containing permethrin, which should be applied on the infected area at night and washed in the morning. To reduce itching antihistamines are sometimes prescribed.

However, when the parents do not want to treat the scabies infection in their children with chemicals, there are two natural remedies that are very effective in curing this infection. Tea tree oil is very good in eliminating mites and their eggs and it is recommended to mix it with jojoba oil and then apply this solution on the infected skin. Another powerful natural remedy is neem oil. First, it is recommended to add neem oil to warm water bath and spend about 20 minutes in that water. After that, the mixture of neem oil and jojoba oil should be applied on the skin.

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