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About Sarcoptic Mange

Canine scabies or sarcoptic mange is the disease whichusually affects puppies and dogs, but in some cases it is also known to affecthumans. Parasites can be cured easily, but besides dogs, they can affect otheranimals and people as well. The cause of this condition is parasite called sarcoptesscabiei, and it can cause many problems on the dog’s skin, such as intenseitching or hair loss.

Sarcoptes scabiei are very small mites, and they can’t beseen with the naked eye. With microscope, one can see that these parasites looklike spiders. The females of this parasite burrow into the skin of their host,mate and leave several eggs under the skin. Eggs usually take 5 to 10 days tohatch and produce more parasites. If the condition is not treated properly, itcan cause severe irritation of the skin.

Parasites which infect dogs can temporarily infect humans,but the infection usually lasts for a short period of time, because they can’t surviveon human skin. Dog owners should know that every dog must be cured form these parasites,if they want to avoid irritation of their own skin caused by sarcoptic mange. However,there is also a specific breed of sarcoptic mange that affects primarily humans,known as scabies. This medical condition is very contagious and can be spreadfrom one person to another, if they were in skin to skin contact.

How to Recognize Symptoms and Treat Sarcoptic Mange

Red bumpy rash on the body and intense itching caused bysarcoptic mange are very easily diagnosed. Itching is at its worst at night,and in some cases it may progress and cause secondary skin infections, such asallergic reaction to mites and the mite bites. People infected with the parasitemay also have blisters on the soles of their feet or the palms of the hands. Thereare also some small insect bites in the shape of the letter S, looking likepimples.

In most of the cases of scabies, infected people show firstsymptoms 2 to 4 days after infestation. If someone already has been exposed toscabies, symptoms may appear after several weeks.

Treatment includes permethrin 5% cream, malathion or lindane,for people who haven’t responded well to permethrin cream. Your doctor mightsuggest using crotamiton ointment for the extensive itching, and there are alsosome claims that neem oil is efficient against these parasites as well.

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