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Neem Oil

In the past, neem oil was used because of its numerous benefits. We will list andtalk about several facts involving the use of neem oil. This vegetable oil has becomevery popular on the markets. There are many possible uses for this oil and manybenefits that it brings. The oil is extracted from the seeds and fruits of theneem. Insecticides orpesticides are two usages for the neem tree oil, but it can also be usedin cosmetics and for treating several medical problems. There is a great amount of active chemical azadiracitin located in the mixture distilled from the neemseeds. This oil has a specific and strong odor while color of the neem tree islight brown.

Neem Oil Facts

Antiseptic properties are one of the effects of neem oil, which is why acne, psoriasis,eczema and other epidermal problems can be treated with it. Ringworms,indolent ulcers, scrofula, septic sores and infected burns can be treated withthis oil available on the market. Also it is important to say that the use ofneem oil involves no side effects. In the past, neem oil has been used as an insecticide. Pests like bugs, white flee, locusts, spider mites and others, cancreate certain problems and neem oil can make these problems go away. Thebitter taste of neem oil will make the bugs flee. Also, neem oil is a goodfungicide, yet is non-toxic for earthworms, birds, mammals and bees. Thisbiodegradable oil is not even harmful for some of the insects consideredbeneficial. With the use of neem oil, mosquitoes breeding can beprevented.

Plants can benefit from the neem oil. First make a mixture, whichshould be sprayed on the foliage for two months. Just mix a gallon of water, 30mlof neem oil and several drops of mild dish detergent. Neem oil can be found in skin and hair care products, soaps, toothpastes andmany other products of this type. It has essential fatty acids, vitamin Kand it is a moisturizer. Put neem oil in your facial mask and apply this mix forthe removal of acne. It can also eliminate the chances of developing hair liceand dandruff. It is also a good idea to put small amount of neem oil in yourbath water. We have mentioned that it has beneficial effect on the skin. Thisis why neem oil is a part of skin soothing creams. If you seek fast results, youcan try using pure neem oil. In Ayurveda, the neem oil is used for treating foot problems, likeathlete's foot, fevers and certain diseases. Mixing warm water and 15ml of neemoil is a mixture in which aching foot should be soaked, in order to eliminatefoot problems.

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