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Many millions of women throughout the world suffer from the onset of cellulite. As a result, the demand for bathing suits that cover up the dimpling on the thighs is huge. Many have sought a solution to this problem for years. There are several options with regard to combating cellulite, including surgery, exercise, creams, lotions and detoxifying tonics. Additionally, one can choose to employ the use of cellulite wraps and kits, many of which can be used in your own home. Positive results can be gained from these forms of treatment, although it must be said that most of the time, these results are not permanent.


Surgery can be painful and risky in all its forms, and this is no different in the case of cellulite reduction surgery. However, some surgeries are of course less invasive than others. Many who undergo cellulite surgery choose liposuction. This type of surgery is not usually appropriate for older patients. When performing liposuction, a surgeon will make incisions on the chosen target areas before sucking out the fat with the use of a tube. Some might also choose to undergo a lower body lift. The process of the operation itself is similar to that of a facelift, except in this case, the operation is performed on the lower half of the body. Another form of surgery is mesotherapy, which involves the injection of substances into the affected area. Laser lipolisis involves the use of a laser to eliminate body fat.

Surgery entails risks and side effects, of course. With cellulite surgery, many people will experience bruising and swelling. This can be severe in those who are vulnerable to bruising. Some accidents can lead to infection or further complications, something of which the patient should be aware.

Cellulite machines

Cellulite machines do not attempt to rub away the cellulite, but rather to positively change the condition of the skin. Most cellulite machines employ a band that is to be wrapped around the waist in order to promote blood circulation in the area affected by cellulite. This approach can also help to reduce the amount of water and fluid in the area, thus helping the overall health of the skin. Such machines can serve to improve the localized condition of the skin, but results will generally only be temporary.

In truth, the best way to avoid cellulite is to specifically train the areas of skin most likely to be affected by cellulite. One should try weight machines specifically designed to work out areas of the body in which cellulite is commonly seen. It is a truth of life that fit, toned athletes rarely experience cellulite growth, so the approach to cellulite avoidance should be to look to emulate the physical condition of those we consider to be athletic.

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