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The Easiest Way Out

A lot of women consider plastic surgery as something normaland necessary without regarding the fact that it can be contra productive. Thereare many women that believe that aesthetic view is the most important aspect oftheir lives and thus they are willing to subdue to the easiest method of makingthemselves closer to the prototype of beauty that the society imposes on us. Withoutthinking of any other, healthier, methods of making themselves more attractive,they choose a method which asks for the minimum effort on their behalf-plasticsurgery.


40% of women under 25 are willing to admit that they havethe problem of orange peel skin and cellulite which makes them worry only whenthe summer is approaching. Thus women typically choose the easiest way toreduce the amount of unappealing skin on their body-cosmetic surgery. However, doingsports has the most durable effect on the beauty of the skin. The best way tolose cellulite is to do duration activities (aerobic) which help the blood flowmore easily. Of course, special attention to the disputable parts of our skinis necessary. Electrostimulators help a great deal. These machines are gettingmore modern and applicable by the minute. Moreover, there are even some naturalways to reduce cellulite, such as taking a special bath. The water should beheated on 37° – 38° and a particular recipe should be applied. This recipeconsists integral sea salt which is rich in iodine and 50 grammas of horse chestnutbark which contains saponin and aescin that protect capillaries. The horse chestnutbark should be previously prepared as a decoction then filtered and finallypoured into the bath. You should stay in the tub for 15 minutes. Moreover, youshould drink a litter of a special potion to reduce the amount of cellulite onyour skin. It contains two spoon of birch, centella asiatica, dog-rose. Finally, in the shops you can find many creamsthat decrease cellulite which should be applied with five-minute circularmovements after the bath.

Additional Remedies

In order to lose the cellulite one should be careful not toindulge in alcohol and cigarettes but to drink plenty of water low in sodiumand eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Last but not the least important is thefact that improving your life style does not only improve the physical aspect ofyour body but the spiritual and health aspect as well by improving thecapillary microcirculation and lymphatic drainage.

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