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Cellulite is a major aesthetic problem of women and even men all around the world. The condition develops as a result of deposits of fatty cells underneath the connective tissue of the skin. Once accumulated, such fat tissue forms unsightly skin dimples.

Causes of Cellulite

There is a variety of factors associated with cellulite. The more a person is exposed to these factors, the greater the chances for the cellulite to be extensive and more noticeable are. Some of contributing factors include genetics, stress, smoking, unhealthy diet (excessive consumption of junk food), intake of certain drugs and inadequate intake of water.

Since cellulite is a great aesthetic problem, women (and sometimes even men) all over the world are in a constant search for the most efficient treatments. One of them is laser treatment for cellulite.

Cellulite - Laser Treatment

Laser therapy includes distribution of a beam of light to the specific area. In case of cellulite, laser beams are directly pointed to the affected skin which they penetrate entering the abnormal tissue. The effects of the treatment occur due to rupture of the treated cells. This rupture is a consequence of excessive heat these cells are exposed to. Finally, the problematic cells are efficiently removed from the connective tissue.

Combining Laser Treatment with Other Procedures

This treatment option has been reported as quite successful means of dealing with cellulite. However, if one wants to achieve better results he/she should consult a professional and see whether laser treatment can be combined with other available nonsurgical or even surgical procedures. For instance, laser therapy may be combined with liposuction when it is performed prior or after the surgical removal of the fat tissues from the problematic areas.

The Results

After laser treatment the skin becomes smooth, radiant and velvety to touch. The cellulite may not be removed completely, but the very appearance of the skin in general improves. The remnant cellulite is less visible than it used to be prior the treatment. One may need to undergo several session which is quite expensive, but generally worth paying. The most important thing one should take into consideration is the experience of the doctor who will perform the procedure.


After the treatment, it is important to pay a lot of care in order to prevent formation of additional fat deposits and recurrence of cellulite. In order for the results to stay as they are one is due to maintain a healthy diet, undergo regular massage sessions and stay physically active. Finally, by quitting smoking and elimination of other bad habits one may enjoy results of laser cellulite treatment for a long period of time.

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