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There are a large number of different ways to deal and remove cellulite. The majority of ways are just dermatological and do not involve cutting the body at all, just applying lotions and similar ointments. However, some people, desiring a quicker way to do away with cellulite, choose surgery.

One of the most common surgical procedures of this type is liposuction. It involves a steel rod which is called a cannula. A cannula is hollow and the surgeon uses it to vacuum and to suck out the excessive fat a patient has, creating a cut to put the cannula beforehand. This approach is not the best one since it is painful and creates more dimples typical for cellulite since the fiber connecting the fat to the skin is not cut in the process.

Similar but better way is Cellulite Lysing. Also known as Subcision surgery, this approach differs from liposuction in the fact that a V shaped cutter is put on the top of the vacuum tube and by it the fibers are cut and dimples prevented from appearing. Its flaws are the danger of reappearing of cellulite and the loose skin.

Fat injections present another choice for those who do not desire cellulite on their skin. This is conducted by firstly removing existing parts of fat from the body, exposing it to a specific solution and re-injecting it into the body of the patient filling in the dimpling parts of the body. This approach depends greatly on the craft of the doctor performing the surgery but still has a flaw of not lasting long.

Some procedures act as mixtures of those mentioned above. One of those is a good but scarcely spread RejuveSkin, a type of plastic surgery that involves removing the fat and cutting the fibres but also taking fat from other parts of the body and filling the dimpling areas.

Finally, there are even more radical ways to gain a perfect body painfully. Lipectomy or the “lower body lift” involves making a cut around the abdomen area, removing the fat along with the excessive skin left after the process. Afterwards, the surgeon takes the skin from the lower part of the body and tightens it closing the cut previously created. This way provides most radical results but is dangerous, takes a long time to heal and leaves a significant scar.

European people have their own popular way of destroying this fat, mesotheraphy, where by injecting homeopatic medications and fat is dissolved and circulation is improved.

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