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Rosemary herb

Rosemary, or Rosmarinus Officinalis in Latin, is an herb known from the ancient times, which is considered to have spiritual, culinary and medical applications. Many kinds of food contain rosemary herb as a main ingredient and it is used to preserve foods for long periods of time, too. Due to the mint-like flavor, rosemary herb increases the taste of the foods.

Health benefits of health benefits

Rosemary herb has many beneficial effects on the human body. It is high in oxidants, which fight free radicals thus preventing the cells in the body from becoming cancerous. Furthermore, rosemary herb is used as a natural cure for preventing breast cancer in women by encouraging the liver to produce the enzymes that regulate the amounts of estrogen in the body. This herb is also good for eye problems since it has properties which prevent the development of cataract in the eyes due to the content of vitamin A. Rosemary herb is good for skin because it protects the skin cells and postpones the aging process. Therefore, the essence of this herb is utilized as an ingredient in many anti-wrinkle creams and face masks. The energy levels in the body can be significantly elevated by using rosemary herb, which is potent in getting rid of the damaging toxins from the liver, as well as in detoxification of the whole body. This herb is also used in aromatherapy to treat fatigue and depression. It is traditionally thought that rosemary herb is a natural memory enhancer since it has the properties that do not allow the breakdown of neurotransmitters in our brain. A study has been carried out and it is proven that people who were exposed to the fragrance of this herb showed significant enhancement of the long-term memory. Bloating induced by the water retention can be successfully cured by rosemary herb since it acts as a diuretic, thus improving the functioning of the kidneys and promoting frequent urination at the same time. Those people who have problems with body odor should add a few branches of rosemary herb in the bathing water in order to destroy the microbes which are responsible for their bad body odor. It is also recommended to rinse a mouth with the solution made of the rosemary powder and warm water. Furthermore, this herb is good in promoting menstruation, preventing infections, stimulating blood circulation, improving the shining of the hair and curing the dandruff. Since it is a natural remedy, there are no adverse effects.

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