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Rosemary oil is certainly one of the mostly used essential oils. It is obtained from the rosemary plant, a woody herb with fragrant leaves that resemble needles. This plant is grown in the Mediterranean region and is mostly used in numerous cuisines. The rosemary oil is easily produced and is the highly beneficial in variety of compartments.

Even in ancient times this oil was respected for its health boosting characteristics. Paracelsius who was distinguished physician highly appreciated rosemary oil as he considered that the oil possesses enormous strengthening abilities. He was right as nowadays we are more informed about this magical plant.

Hair and Skin Benefits

Rosemary oil is present as an ingredient in a lot of shampoos. It is known to stimulate hair follicles which results in accelerated hair growth and the hair even appears strong. This oil is good in prevention of hair loss. It can even help with problems of gray hair. Majority of people suffering from baldness are using rosemary oil. The oil is good for dry skin of the head and it is also good for dandruff.

As for skin it is used in massage in all those who want their skin to be softer and with better tonicity. The massage with this oil can be also conduct in case of pain in muscles or headaches. Baths with rosemary oil may be beneficial for all those suffering from rheumatism.

Gastrointestinal Tract Benefits

Being excellent antiseptic rosemary oil can be a perfect replacement for mouth washing fluids. Halitosis can be effectively treated with the regular usage of this oil. In people who are suffering from digestive problems especially those who have chronic indigestion rosemary oil may be a perfect remedy as it reduces bloating and cramps. If added into some meals it can make the digestion much easier.

Brain Benefits

This powerful brain stimulant is highly used by students during their examination periods. The concentration is increased, all the mental activities are enhanced and the results are great. As a remedy it can help with depression or lack of memory.

Respiratory Problems and Allergies

The oil aroma is good for throat blockage especially in asthma. Allergies, common cold and flue are only few conditions that can be improved with rosemary oil.

Female Problems

Women who are fighting against menstrual cramps and disorders related to menstruation may benefit from rosemary oil.


Its distinctive fragrance makes it suitable for majority of aromatherapy preparations and it can be combined in various ways with different oils. Apart from that it is used in production of candles, perfumes, bath oils and even fresheners all according to its unique scent.

One thing that has to be taken into consideration is that there is possibility of allergic reactions to rosemary oil. Therefore it is best used only after the discussion with the doctor and after being prescribed. It is also not advisable for pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding to use this oil.

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