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In this article, we will talkabout a herb which was named the herb of the year by the International HerbAssociation in the 2001. This herb is sage. It has a very sweet taste alongwith the softness, but the most impressive properties of this herb are thehealth benefits gained by consuming this herb. The herb is shaped as a lance,and its leaves have silvery bloom and grayish green leaves. The official nameused for this herb is salvia officinalis, and the Latin word ''salvere'',meaning "to be saved", is used for the official name today.


This herb has many flavonoids,phenolic acids, along with rosemary acids and volatile oils. Consumption ofsage will improve brain function so if you are having problems with yourmemory, just use this herb. In 2003 Pharmacological Biochemical Behaviorpublished that eating this plant will boost your memory. During this study,there were two groups of participants; one that consumed sage extract oil, andanother that consumed placebo. In every category, the group that consumed sagehad better scores than the other group.

Some studies may suggest that sage canbe used in treatment of Alzheimer's disease, which was also a result of a studyconducted by Professor Peter Houghton. He stated that Chinese sage has somecompounds that can be affective and helpful for those with Alzheimer's disease.Several items in the sage are acetylcholinesterase inhibitors. Since because ofAlzheimer's disease those inhibitors are depleted, the sage can help.

Otherbeneficial influences of the sage on the human body are its anti-inflammatoryand anti-oxidant properties. The inflammation can be reduced by the use ofsage, which happens due to the rosmarinic acid, when it is absorbed into thesystem. Antioxidant properties also present, since sage contains phenolic acid,flavonoids and oxygen-handling enzymes. This combination creates the mentionedeffect. Because of them, cells cannot be damaged by oxygen. The use of sage canreduce the effects of atherosclerosis, rancidity and inflammatory problems.

Wethink that including sage in your nutrition is a very smart thing to do. Sincethere are many benefits of eating this herb, everyone should consider thisherb's use. Benefits and very good taste will help you in your search forhealthier body. This herb is known as panacea for a reason. Also do not forgetwhich Latin name is used for this herb's name. Just give this herb a go, andyou will certainly not regret it.

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