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If you suffer from acne, you are probably wondering why has this state of affairs affected you. Well, there are more than several reasons behind acne. However, some factors trigger this skin condition more than others.

The main reason behind acne is excessive skin oil being produced from the glands in our skin, clogging the pores and trapping bacteria inside. Yet, if you desire to learn more about this process and possible treatments for acne, read on.Acne from Oily Skin

Acne is the skin condition which occurs due to the excessive activity of the oil glands. It is quite fastidious and it hardly avoids anyone. The cosmetic products that are meant for treating acne are numerous, as is the number of home remedies dedicated to the same thing.

However, most of the cosmetic products are based on alcohol and chemicals, therefore presenting not the most recommended possible way of dealing with acne, due to the fact that these substances may trigger skin irritation and lead to worsening of the problem.

Thus, you can either risk waiting for your skin to get used to the above mentioned, aggressive treatment methods, or you can try some more effective methods.

As for the homemade products, there are so many of them that sometimes it gets hard to tell which ones are truly working. But the one that is guaranteed to work is rose water. Rose Water and Acne

Rose is known to be a plant that has found its use in the areas of both medicine and cosmetics and its effects are mild, proven to do wonders for the skin suffering from acne.

The reason why rose water works so well in removing the acne is that, first of all, rose water is an entirely natural product whose soothing effect can only bring benefits to the skin and secondly, rose water contains chemicals which are able to completely sanitize the microbes.

This means that rose water is able to approach the problem directly, because the microbes which appear when the oil glands are overactive are the ones responsible for acne.

There are two ways to use rose water to combat acne. The first and the basic way is to put the rose water on the areas covered with acne in the form of a mask.

The other way involves using aromatherapy. This means that one will not need the rose water itself, but rather the essential oils that are made from it. The therapy itself is quite simple. All you need to do is apply the oil on the areas covered with acne.

In some cases, better results are achieved when the rose oil is combined with olive oil. Should the acne get out of control, spreading from the face to other areas of the body, you are advised to fill the bathtub with water and put just a couple of drops of rose oil in it, bathing in the solution.

Are Celebrities Immune to Acne or Not?

Recently, with the development and spreading of the high definition television, more and more people have experienced TV in a completely different way. Namely, apart from showing the picture in stunning details and precision, this kind of television technology has started to reveal some things we have never seen before.

For example, TV stars, who act in movies, host shows and do many other things in the “magical box” are all regular humans, even though many of us think different once we get obsessed by a show or a movie.

Recently, Cameron Diaz has shown her acne problem on TV, since it could not escape the high definition lenses of the cameras. She admitted that she has been struggling with acne since high school and that she gets serious breakouts even today.

This makes us wonder if there are truly many famous and popular people who are perfect at all. Rather, all their imperfections are concealed by professional makeup artists, digital image enhancers and Photoshop experts.

This can be quite a relief for all those regular people who have acne or skin problems. People with acne usually do not feel good when they look at the TV screen, seeing people with crystal clear skin, smiling with their perfect smiles, leading their perfect lives.

However, now, knowing that this is far from perfect can have a therapeutic effect on other people, since it will provide them with a relief, knowing that even the famous people share their misery.

Thus, acne affects all of us, even though some people manage never to see a single pimple on their skin. For those who are not so lucky, knowing that even though supposedly perfect movie stars have acne too can be a form of relief. Yet, this should not stop one from trying to deal with his/her acne once and for all.

Once you decide to take such a step, remember that you have to be careful, opting for the best, most natural of all remedies. For this purpose, we, and many others recommend rose water in its many forms of usage.

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