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Mighty oregano

Not many would havethought that oil extracted from this spice could be so beneficial, especiallywhen it comes to treating such a serious condition as acne. Another extremelyunpleasant side of acne outburst is scarring, which can affect one’s personal lifeto a significant extent. People who experience this outburst will also findthemselves in awkward situations on a daily basis, due to the fact that justabout anyone whom they encounter, while doing their daily routines, will tendto shower them with a number of advice and wondrous products with which toward off acne. This, more often than not, makes it only more difficult for theperson in question to cope with his/her unpleasant problem. Not to mention that trying out so many products and remedies can make one extremely weary, andin the end, not give any desired results altogether.

However, in the seaof ineffective remedies and solutions, there is but one that can actually bevouched for and this is oregano oil. Its source is, of course, already clear toall. As for employment, the oil in question is used because it represents theone essential and natural oil, which is also an extremely potent germ fightingelixir. On the list of enemies it can defeat differentviruses, bacteria, fungi, as well as microbes are found. It needs to be pointed out thatits effectiveness is not random or accidental, but the oil itself is known tobe as much as 26 time's stronger antiseptic as, for example, phenol – thoughtso far to be the leading germs extinguisher.


What it boils down tois that acne occurs as a direct consequence of dirt, grime, oil blockage of theskin pores. This in turn gives rise to a perfect environment for the growth andmultiplication of bacteria, thus causing the appearance of bumps on ones faceprimarily, but also on one’s back and shoulders. This is where oregano oilcomes into play; with its two most important active constituents, i.e.thymol and carvacrol. According to the opinion of the experts, the mosteffective type of oregano oil for bereaving oneself of acne (and otherillnesses, come to that) is the one that contains an amount of phenol greaterthan 50%, 40% being carvacrol and the remainder is thymol.

Proper use

A person needs to take 2 drops ofundiluted version of this oil into a vessel of choice, which needs to be filledwith approx. 8 oz of water. Once this mixed well, one should wash his/her face,and keep doing that two times per day. Important is to let this dry out on one’sface first, and then wash your face. Results will be noticeable even within thefirst week or so.

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