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Having acne can really damage a person’s confidence as well as their skin. Due to the magazine covers and the movie stars all having what seems to be perfect skin, it puts pressure on the rest of the world’s society to have flawless skin. The medication pills designed for the treatment of acne were made to help to provide treatment from the inside out rather than topical treatments that work from the outside in. For those people that suffer with acne there are in fact many options available for the treatment. They range from ointments and topical treatment, to natural acne remedies as well as acne pills. There are principally three categories of acne pills which are obtainable in the market for acne control.

Antibiotics and/or Isotretinoin for Acne

Antibiotics are probably the longest used treatment and are successful to some degree. Antibiotics for acne work through battling the bacteria that are present in the skin. Antibiotics also take on the role of being anti inflammatory remedy. The down side to using antibiotics for acne is that they will also battle against the good bacteria in the skin. Isotretinoin acne pill should be used for the period of about 5 months or so and it will more often than not cure the acne for a minimum of a year. It works by lowering the quantity of oil that is produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin.

Hormone or Birth Control Pills and/or Accutane for Acne

As you know, one of the primary causes of acne are hormones that fluctuate. So it only makes sense that the birth control pill which is designed for balancing the hormones will also work for the treatment of acne. When the male hormone called androgen increases this will subsequently increase the amount of oil that is made by the sebaceous glands thus causing excess oil leading to blemishes. Accutane is supposed to be the number one treatment for acne but it is important that you see your doctor first prior to taking this type of pill because of its possible side effects.

Acne Medication Pills Side Effects

As with any medication there are always possible side effects. For the acne pills these side effects can range from water retention to mild headaches. Antibiotics for instance can cause thrush and types of yeast infections in women. Physiological effects can be felt through the birth control pills and there have been warnings of birth defects from taking Isotretinoin.

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