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A lot of people suffer from the left arm pain and they don`t even know why their arm hurts. We are going to help you understand basic causes and types of treatments for curing left arm pain and weakness.

Pain and weakness in left arm are usually described as the tingling sensation that can sometimes be really annoying. If you have used your arm too much, you might experience left arm pain and weakness, which is also said to be an early symptom of the heart attack, but beside left arm pain and weakness, there should be present some other symptoms such as a sharp pain in the chest or feeling of pressure.

Causes of Left Arm Pain and Weakness

There are various causes of the left arm pain and weakness and some of them include overuse of the muscle and injured bones, ligaments or tendons. Pinched nerve or poor blood circulation could also cause the pain and weakness in left arm, because there must be enough supply of blood to the arm for you not to have a tingling sensation in your left arm. There are also some medical conditions that can be responsible for this unusual sensation and they include repetitive strain injuries, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, and bursitis or arthritis. Some people can experience left arm pain due to the inflammation of tendons in the left arm or tendonitis. But also people who are involved in sports like cricket, baseball, tennis, or weight lifting can injure their muscles or bones, which can lead them to have left arm pain and weakness.


Tingling sensation in the left arm should not be neglected. If you experience left arm pain and weakness, you should visit a doctor and start with the treatment immediately, as it tends to lead to various complications. If you happen to injure your arm you can apply the ice pack to it in order to reduce the swelling and pain. The appropriate treatment will depend on the severity of the injury or the pain in your left arm. Sometimes, those injuries can lead to dislocation or fracture, so you need to be careful about it and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Various anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers or topical creams could be prescribed in case of left arm pain and weakness. In case you overused your hand due to some physical task, you should give your hand a rest. If you have problems with poor blood circulation, then some physiotherapy sessions could really help you get rid of this problem. For people who are involved in sports that are making the arm pain, it is recommended that they take a break.

Arm pain caused by sore muscles can be cured with aromatherapy oils, but visiting a neurologist is advised in case you have experienced pain followed by symptoms like shaking hands or left arm weakness. As we have already said, the chest pain is usually connected to some heart problems, so you should immediately visit a cardiologist. You also need to take care about the food you eat and make sure that you exercise enough.

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