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The main purpose of this article is to give you a better insight into the problems with the pain in the right arm above elbow and the possible causes. Only after we are faced with the incapability of our arms, we learn how to appreciate them more, because until then, we somehow seem to take them for granted. The pain in the arm above elbow can vary from moderate to severe pain. It can be so strong that a person may find it difficult even to raise the arm.

The causes can be various, and while in some cases the pain can be the result of a simple injury or sprained muscle, in others the cause of the pain may be related to much more serious conditions. Pain above elbow can appear due to the fractures in bones. In such situations, it is often followed by an inflammation of the area that surrounds the injured bone. If a nerve has been damaged as well, numbness in the arm can appear and this is one of the more serious situations, which may often lead to paralysis. On the other side, due to some heavy lifting or other excessive use of the muscles, or due to some injury, the tendons (the tissue that joins the bone and the muscle) can be inflammed. Swelling of the arm joints and the pain in the arm above the elbow are other symptoms of this inflammation. Muscle injuries such as overstretching of muscles also cause pain above elbow. The most common injuries of this kind happen during the repetitions of certain activities and they are usually connected with some sport activity. Tenderness, swelling and stiffeness of the arm muscles above the elbow are the main symptoms.

Damaged nerves may also be the reason for the pain in the arm above the elbow, and, besides the pain, the following symptoms are the loss of the control over the arm, irritation and swelling. A nerve can be damaged in an accident, a contact sport or even in a bad fall. A strong pain in the arm above elbow can appear due to the heartburn. Diseases like arthritis can also cause this kind of pain.

When it comes to the pain in the arm above elbow, in many cases when the cause is not a serious injury, it goes off by itself and there is no need for medical attention. Resting and putting ice on the painful spot may relieve the pain. Still, if the pain continues for a longer time than expected, it is recommended to visit a doctor for the final diagnosis.

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