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In this article we are going to focus on the main causes and treatment of right arm pain. It can be really annoying condition for some people and the pain can affect the entire arm or the part of it, but for some people who experience it, it could be difficult to do their everyday activities. Different causes affect the different intensity of pain, so it can vary from mild to severe. There are also some other symptoms that can accompany the right arm pain and they include numbness or tingling in the right arm or even sometimes swelling in the painful area of the arm.


Injuries are some of the most common causes of the right arm pain, but there are many more causes and we are going to mention some of them. If you happen to tear some of the muscles of your right arm due to overstretching, you may experience the pain in your right arm. You can also pull your muscles by playing some of the sports that involve repetitive motion of your right arm such as throwing a ball, swimming, and tennis, etc. If you strain your muscles, they will become tender and stiff.

In case you damage some of the nerves that are present at the junction of shoulder and neck, you can experience tingling sensation and sharp pain in your right arm. Carpal tunnel syndrome can also be one of the reasons of the right arm pain. You can prevent yourself from this kind of pain by avoiding bad falls, contact sports and accidents. The bands of tissue that join bones and muscles are called tendons and if they get inflamed, they can lead to tendonitis, which is usually caused due to the overuse of the arm or due to some injury to the muscles of the right arm. Medical condition like arthritis can also cause the right arm and shoulder pain, but you can also have this kind of pain due to the stress, as well as due to the damaged bones, tendons, muscles or nerves.


There are several types of treatments for the right shoulder and arm pain. Any kind of rest will do you good, so take care about having enough rest. If you happen to have strained your right arm muscles, then physical therapy is the best treatment for you. You should use splint in case you have fractured a bone of your right arm. Any racket sport, playing a piano or the activity of typing are not recommended to you if you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Applying the ice pack to the right arm can also help you reduce the right arm pain, which in some cases can be associated with the hearth attack, though this happens very rarely. If you experience right arm and shoulder pain, you need to visit a doctor.

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