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Each and every imbalance in our body leads to specific symptoms and signs. In some cases even fingernails may experience certain changes due to either conditions that predominantly affect the skin and these skin organs or because the body suffers from some other medical condition whose effects can be seen on fingernails.

Normally, fingernails have no color and they are translucent. They may be light pink because of many blood vessels located in the tissue below fingernails. Nails contain the matrix which is connected to the white half-moon at the top. Underneath the matrix there is the nail bed, the very connection site between fingernails and fingers. And finally, the cuticle is a part of the nail that provides with protection against all the negative influence of the environment such as excess of moisture, infections etc.

Common Nail ProblemsNails are practically exposed all the time no matter what we do and this is the reason why they commonly suffer from different problems. Brittle, discolored nails as well as nails with lines of different color may be associated with some internal illness or may occur due to direct contact with some chemicals.

For example, people suffering from thyroid gland problems, those with kidney disease and poor circulation are prone to different problems with nails. Lack of certain vitamins (B group of vitamins or vitamin A), inadequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids or insufficient intake of calcium may also contribute to a change in nails' appearance. Vertical lines on fingernails usually affect people suffering from shortage of iron. On the other hand, if there are horizontal lines these may occur due to increased exposure to stress. So, this drives to conclusion that lack of certain chemicals or disturbance of other chemicals inside the body may eventually reflect on the very appearance of nails and induce even more serious health issues.Possible Causes of Common Nail Problems

Inadequate intake of iron is commonly associated with spoon-shaped fingernails. Furthermore, square and wide nails may point to different hormonal imbalances. If fingernails are way too thick, this can be a consequence of vascular degeneration or problems with the function of the thyroid gland. And finally, if the ends of fingernails are curved down, a person may be suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency.

Proper Fingernail Care

In order to have healthy appearance of fingernails it is essential to identify each and every imbalance in the body and bring it under control. Furthermore, intake of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals must be optimal. This can be achieved with diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

One more thing every person should do is to provide with proper care of his/her fingernails. Today the market is inundated with a variety of fingernail products which can keep them healthy and appealing.

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