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Ridged Fingernails

The most common cause of this problem is the nutrient deficiency. The bumpy and elevated lines, either horizontal or vertical, are the ridges and they can be caused by somedisorders, regardless of the lack of blood. The change of the ridges may occur,and they usually are not detected since they cause no discomfort or pain.

Causes of Ridged Fingernails

The genetics can be responsible for the vertical ridges, which are painless inmost cases. As, we have said, the problem is usually a result of nutrientdeficiency. The body may be lacking vitamins, so it is important to increasethe intake of them. The problem may be created due to the deficiency ofiron or vitamins B and A. Acute deficiency can be detected by the largevertical ridges and this deficiency is associated with the lack of proteins or calcium. Nextpossible cause is the poor absorption of nutrients from the food. Ridgedfingernails can be a result of nature oil and moisture loss, which is especiallycommon is older age. The problem of horizontal ridges suggests a bit moreserious cases than the vertical ones. The horizontal ridges can be accompaniedby nail color alteration, which suggests a respiratory problem, heart problem,kidney disorders, or diabetes. If the horizontal ridges are present, visit thehospital as soon as possible.

Treatment for Ridged Fingernails

Next, we will focus on the treatment of this problem. Nutritious diet is one ofthe most effective and easiest ways of eliminating these undesired alterationsin the fingernails. This is something almost every doctor will suggest as aneffective and healthy method of treatment. The diet will be with high levelsof iron and vitamins, which shall help with the ridged fingernails problem. Youcan use different treatment if the problem is created due to the lack ofmoisture. For this problem, use oil or moisturizing creams. You can useprimrose oil, although the best choice is olive oil. Remember that dehydration canlead to ridged fingernails, so it is important to keep the body well hydrated.Keeping your body hydrated will eliminate the problem in question. The ridgedfingernails can also be produced by the fungal infection or nail injury. A problem common duringpregnancy, high blood pressure, may also lead to ridged fingernails. As you cansee, determining the exact cause of the problem is needed for the efficient andquick elimination of the problem called ridged fingernails.

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