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Blue Fingernails

This peculiar condition may be causedby several different factors. Although it may be caused by anunderlying disease, it can also be a side-effect of some medicationsor an indicator of certain deficiencies. Whatever the cause might be,it is important to notice the symptoms in order to react timely andstart adequate treatment.

Manifestations and Causes of BlueFingernails

As far as reasons behind bluefingernails are concerned, there can be several different ones. Themost common cause of this condition is cyanosis. This disease iscaused by oxygen deficiency in a person's blood. Deprived of oxygen,blood cells eventually change their color from red to blue, resultingin the change of color appearing on fingernails as well.Alternatively, in some cases of cyanide poison, one may experienceblue fingernails as well. Additionally, certain heart problems areknown to cause this condition too. Finally, abnormalities in one'shemoglobin levels and concentration may have this condition as itsside-effect.

The most common symptoms involvesignificant breathing difficulties. Also, numbness and paleness allgo hand-in-hand with blue fingernails. Chest pain and sweating may bepresent as well. Blue fingernails, possibly caused by a lung diseaseas well, may have an additional couple of symptoms. These involvedizziness and proneness to fainting.

Underlying Illnesses Causing BlueFingernails

If we start considering possible causesof this condition taking into consideration that it might betriggered by another illness, there is quite a long list of likelyoptions. First of all, as mentioned above, these diseases may involvethe heart like cardiac tamponade or some other similar conditions. Onthe other hand, numerous diseases involving one's respiratory systemcan also cause blue fingernails. These are asthma, pulmonaryembolism, pulmonary edema etc. Additionally, one's poisoning withcertain substances like silver or chloroquine is likely to cause thisfingernail abnormality. Finally, a direct injury, caused by differenttraumas, inflicted blows or fractures results in this discolorationtoo. There more reasons behind this condition than those mentionedhere. Nevertheless, these are considered to be the most common.

Bear in mind that blue fingernailappearing on the fingers of a pregnant woman may be indicators of avitamin B-12 deficiency. Subsequently, babies born with blue fingersoften suffer from heart or lung problems.

Possible Treatment

Whichever the reason behind your bluefingernails might be, you are advised to seek medical assistance assoon as possible. Due to the fact that most of the times the reasonis not benign, timely proper medical examination may be crucial foryour further well being. After examining your problematic fingernailsand diagnosing causes, your doctor will prescribe you with the besttherapy for restoring normal color to your fingernails and health toyour life.

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