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The Importance of Hydration DuringPregnancy

Pregnancy triggers the numerous differentchanges in a woman's body. Her hormones are out of balance, her bodyis changing and, naturally, another life is being formed inside ofher own body. Thus, these numerous changes are bound to have someeffects on her organism. Thereby, headaches, mood swings, foodcravings, frequent urination, heartburn and many other abnormalitiesmay be present in a pregnant woman's daily grind. Another, quitecommon appearance in these circumstances is dry mouth. Namely, manywomen tend to suffer from this anomaly while they are pregnant. This,in fact, is due to their increased quantity of water expels throughurine. Neglectful of these important bodily changes, a woman usuallykeeps her regular water intake. Unfortunately, while pregnant thesequantities are not sufficient. Subsequently, dehydration strikes,causing dry mouth in pregnant women. In order to prevent this, everywoman in this situation must know how to notice this condition andcompensate for her fluid losses adequately. Without enough water theamounts of her saliva may be decreased, therefore jeopardizing herdental health. Furthermore, your baby needs water in order to behealthy. For all these reasons it is important to react to dry mouthtimely and prevent the possible escalation of this problem.

Manifestations and Causes of Dry Mouth

Thick and sticky saliva, sense ofdryness in one's mouth, along with a possibly sore throat or crackedlips, all are possible symptoms of this condition. Additionally, youmight even experience pain and burning sensation in your mouth, or,possibly, have a bad breath or a quickly spreading case of dentaldeterioration.

As for the causes, water deficiency isthe main one, as it was mentioned above. Nevertheless, dehydrationand dry mouth may be triggered by certain medications, having thiscondition as a side-effect. Alternatively, some underlying illnesseslike diabetes, or even stress may all be the culprits as well.

Possible Treatment

Logically enough, before taking anyfurther steps regarding curing this condition, you must know thecause behind it beforehand. Thus, you need to seek medicalassistance. Your doctor, after examining you, will introduce you tothe reason behind your dry mouth and suggest the best treatment.

Since, mostly, the cause is lack ofsaliva or the overall fluid deficiency in a pregnant woman'sorganism, she is advised to drink more water regularly. Chewingsugarless bubble gums or sucking on hard candy may prove useful too,since these are known to stimulate saliva production in one's mouth.Once the interior of your mouth is moist, many dry mouth symptoms arebound to disappear. Finally, avoid alcohol consumption, take goodcare of your dental health and keep humidity levels in your dwellingoptimal.

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