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Hives While Pregnant

Although not appearing too often, hivesmay bee seen on a pregnant woman's skin. This is usually not aserious condition, and is connected with either hormonal imbalancesnormal for this period, or the fact that the skin of a pregnant womanis getting stretched more and more as the baby grows. Taking thesereasons into consideration, it is not that strange that some signsappear on a pregnant woman's body. However, even though these red orpale skin anomalies may appear during pregnancy, itchinessaround breast, leg and abdominal area may strike without hives.Rather, for the same reasons as the one mentioned above, a pregnantwoman may experience this fit.

This type of hives is likely to vanishonce the baby was born. Moreover, these should never last for morethan a couple of weeks. If they do, however, one should seek medicalassistance. Also, if the hive appears onto or around a pregnantwoman's genitals, she should visit a doctor immediately. Upon hervisit, the doctor may prescribe her some antibiotics though these areusually a last resort, placing the baby's safety above everythingelse. Finally, these cases of hives are likely to occur only during the first pregnancy and having twins only amplifies the chance ofhaving hives as well.

Possible Treatment of Hives WhilePregnant

There are numerous medications used forthese purposes. Some of them come in a form of spray while others maybe applied topically as a lotion or a cream. In all cases, pregnantwomen should consult with their doctor before using a certainproduct. Even though the hives may not harm the baby, medicationsmight. Thus, ask your doctor for his or her opinion and choose theright medication afterward.

Sometimes, cool showers are excellentbefore applying antihistamine lotions onto your troublesome parts ofskin. The water will provide your skin relief and relax you, enablingthe lotion excellent grounds for the best effect.

Sometimes, hives have a reason otherthan the ones mentioned above. For example, the pregnant women mightbe allergic to some materials or food. Then, it is crucial for her toavoid such allergens. Additionally, scratching or rubbing the hivesis not advised as it can only make things worse. Hot showers andviolent wiping with a towel are out of the question as well. Rather,concentrate on relaxing, choosing the right medications and applyingthem after soothing and cool showers. If the hives remain persistent,make sure you pay your doctor a visit as soon as possible.

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