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Cravings and Pregnancy

Almost all women have similar or thesame symptoms and things that go hand-in-hand with their pregnancy.Morning sickness belongs on this list and so does the feeling ofbeing bloated, dizzy and full of different emotions all at once.However, there is another characteristic of pregnancy which womenusually experience. Namely, these are cravings for different types offood. Even though these cravings may be for something else, food isusually the main direction these craving take. A pregnant woman iscapable to wake up in the middle of the night, feeling an incredibleneed to eat chocolate, or an unstoppable hunger for eating somethingelse, even though she is not hungry at all. These cravings haveconfused many people since time immemorial. Now, if you want to findout what causes them and learn more about these cravings inpregnancy, read on.

Causes of Cravings in Pregnancy

One of the first suspects when it comesto pregnant woman's cravings is hormones. Basically, once a womanenters her pregnancy, her body goes wild with different hormonalactivities she is incapable of controlling. Subsequently, manychanges take place, affecting her life, behavior, and, among otherthings, causing cravings for certain types of food.

On the other hand, the reason behindcravings of this type may be far more practical. Namely, there is anew organism being formed in the body of the pregnant women.Therefore, her body has to supply nutrients for two. This may beharder than imagined, leading to numerous deficiencies in one's body. Thereby, cravings make a woman compensate for the loss ofher nutrients.

Finally, besides being a wonderfulstate, pregnancy is also confusing. This is due to the fact that thewoman is faced with something completely new and unimaginable.Therefore, she might be in a state of shock, experiencing stress,which, in return causes cravings in her.

What Pregnant Women Want?

One of the most common cravings duringpregnancy involves the desire for eating salty things like pickles.This, probably, is a clear sign of sodium deficiency which needs tobe regulated. Thus, one's brain sends messages about this fact,triggering the cravings.

Chocolate is also one of the mostfrequent cravings. This might be connected with the deficiency ofmagnesium and vitamin B in a woman's organism. In the same respect,red meat may reflect a woman's iron deficiency. Additionally, adesire to eat peaches may stand for a lack of beta carotenes.

Quite extraordinarily, some women,during their pregnancies, develop cravings for weird things likelaundry detergent, dirt and other things which are not meant to beeaten. However, this is not a situation to be trifled with and, oncea pregnant woman notices these strange cravings, she should seekmedical assistance immediately.

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